meet the team

Michael Gransitzki

Michael has graduated with B. Sc. in Architecture from the Technical University in Berlin.

He joined VAgroup in Bangalore in 2008 and started to work with various reputed firm across India.

In 2011 he started his own German consultancy firm which has now become Mancala Construction Solutions.

Michael currently manages business operation and project development and project management of MCS.

Michael Gransitzki auroville architecture pondicherry architects architect project managment
Anjana SV auroville architecture pondicherry architects architect project managment

Anjana Sashindran

Anjana graduated with a B.Arch from Karpagam University in Coimbatore.

She started her career with us in 2017 and has become project lead in 2019.

After handling various projects successfully on her own she has become a partner iat MCS in 2020.

She currently leads the architecture and design development and manages our team of architects.

Elvira Klein

Elvira has studied inernational conflict transformation and is a mediator and consultant for organisational development.

Elvira is part of the School for Sustainable Management and has 10+ years experience in international project and leadership development.

She is known well beyond the Indian subcontinent for skillz in manager development and conflict resolutions.

Elvira is an executive of MCS.

MCS Advisory Board

Business Development

Robert Partridge

Financial Compliances

Sri B.K Subramanian

Legal Compliance

Sri Guru P.

Water Infrastructure

Dirk Nagelschmidt

Mechanics and Engineering

Christoph Haeussler

International Architecture Standards

Robert J. Essen

Social Media and Marketing

Gaia Maroni

Electrical Standards and Compliance

Sri Ramesh R.