Sunship Apartments

typology – group housing

role – project managment and budget monitoring

location – city centre, auroville,

budget – INR

built-up – 5.000 sqm

features – central courtyard, shared dining, shared laundry, art studio, offices

design by Auroform | Pondicherry

To further the spirit of Auroville through a higher collective living model, Sunship aims to address the existential root issue through a difference in its manifestation.

The key changes in this project are the elimination of client-builder relationship through a project manifestation team, the fraternal economy model; meaning the elimination of the private property notion through delinking funding from allocation of living space, in the spirit of Auroville and moving away from personal ownership towards a collective through the inclusion of a collective dining, collective laundry, large open collective ground floor space, collective solar backup system and water heating systems.


Set in the vast green landscape that Auroville provides, the project, while massive in scale, manages to be light, porous and harmonious with its exuberant surroundings. With an intentional open ground floor meant as an urban space, the upper floors are spread out with minimalistic apartments, answering to the users needs rather than wants.

High quality finishes, large public corridors and spaces for intentional human contact, art installations and a beautiful inner courtyard with a water body create a sense of luxury.

The courtyard framed by suspended walkways adds to the lightweight feeling. The studios promote simple living – a minimalistic kitchenette that encourages the use of the collective dining space, a living/bedroom that opens out into the wild green landscape beyond giving the illusion of endless space. All furniture – beds, cupboards, bookshelves – are inbuilt based on the design provided.

The “open” end of the studio features fibreglass louvre system that opens with a level mechanism on the inside.

ecological sustainability

Collective solar systems, solar water heating systems, central waste water treatment system with a spinning vortex, collective drinking water filter systems are some of the main features that have been built into this urban-scape.

social sustainability

Sunship aims to move away from a sense of personal ownership towards a collective mentality through the inclusion of collective spaces such as common dining, common laundry and a large open collective ground floor space intended for human interaction. Additionally, a double height space has been designed into the first floor with a green pocket and a larger-than-life art installation – a space meant for reflection and assimilation of the larger questions of existence.